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Smart Handle Smart Handle

The Rolyan Smart Handle takes the guesswork out of elastic band exercises by providing real-time feedback of force exerted and reps completed. It provides measurement, motivation, goals, and removes the limitations to therapy with band. Click the link below to view a demonstration video:

Sorbothane Sorbothane

For almost 30 years, Sorbothane® has been the market leader of shock absorbing insoles that provide protection to your body with every step you take. Sorbothane® insoles are excellent for everyone who walks, works, plays sports or spends long hours on their feet. They have been proven to dramatically help individuals experiencing foot discomfort caused by medical conditions such as shin splits, heel spurs and ulcerations caused by diabetes. Sorbothane® insoles are widely recommended by doctors and sports medicine specialists to provide maximum comfort and protection. Sorbothane® absorbs up to 94.7% of impact shock!

For a distributor in your area, click on Sorbothane distribution points on the link above.

Polycast shoe Polycast shoe
Aquaform ankle splint Aquaform ankle splint

  * Custom moulded ankle splint can be used to stabilise the ankle following surgery, fractures and soft tissue injuries.
  * Pre-cut lightweight splint, made of 3.2mm 1% perforated Aquaplast-T
  * Can be remoulded to follow change in foot drop.

Elbow & heel protectors Elbow & heel protectors

  * Comfortable, stretchable stocking is knitted proportionately
  * Sold in pairs

Club foot CPM machine Club foot CPM machine

  * Treatment of the idiopathic club foot
  * Three dimensional movements possible
  * Digital controls allow easy programming


Med-surg shoe Med-surg shoe

  * Made from nylon mesh
  * Plastazote foam and a contoured padded back for a comfortable fit
  * Supportive contour for extra stability

FitLine (ROM) walker FitLine (ROM) walker

  * Can block the ankle or limit range of motion
  * Plantar flexion: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30° and 40°
  * Dorsal flexion: 20°, 10° and 0°
  * Special sole design for natural movement
  * Set of three wedges available for Achilles tendon relief

Breva Ankle Breva Ankle

  * Provides anatomically correct motion to the ankle and rear foot
  * It can be used in bed or while sitting in a chair
  * Two dimensional movements possible
  * Advanced hand control to maximize programs and protocols
  * Ordering information: Kinetec Breva 46210065

Fit walker Fit walker

  * Rocker bottom design and low profile heel for a more natural gain
  * Contoured strut design allows better fit to the patient
  * Soft foam liner for more comfort
  * Semi-rigid shell provides extra protection and stability


FitLine F.P.R.-shoe FitLine F.P.R.-shoe

  * For Forefoot Pressure Relief
  * Fits left and right
  * Soft padded material on the inside

MalleoFit w. foam MalleoFit w. foam

  * Prevents inversion and eversion
  * Foam-gel padded shells adapt perfectly to the shape of the malleoli
  * Foam-gel pads can be used as cold-packs
  * Universal size (one size fits all)
  * Three lengths available (standard, athletic & pediatric)

FitLine plantar fasciitis splint FitLine plantar fasciitis splint

  * Soft padded cover provides greater patient comfort and protection against irritation to the skin and breakdown
  * Removable foam wedge insert is included for additional 5° stretch on the planter fascial
  * Fits left and right

FitLine stretch splint FitLine stretch splint

  * Allows consistent stretch by holding the foot in gentle dorsiflexion.
  * Foot angle can be adjusted by touch and close fixation (for additional dorsiflexion).
  * Fits left or right.
  * Special slip resistant sole for better patient safety.