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Kinetec - CPM machine

Spectra CPM machine Spectra CPM machine

  * Light: only 12 kg
  * Compact: only 95 cm
  * Can be used in paediatry or on tall athletes
  * ROM from –10° to 120° of flexion that automatically sets up
  * Equiped with comfort plastic supports


Kinevia Kinevia

De Kinevia is ontworpen met het oog op gebruiksvriendelijkheid; er is geen gereedschap nodig om het toestel in te stellen. De snelle en ergonomische aanpassing van de breedte en radius, het ingenieuze draaimechanisme en de automatische prepositionering van de pedalen zorgen samen voor een uitstekend comfort tijdens de training. De standaardgarantie van 5 jaar verzekert de kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid van de Kinevia.

Prima Advance CPM machine Prima Advance CPM machine

  * Easy to use and quick to install because of simple movement adjustments
  * It features tactile adjustment marks
  * Light: only 11 kg
  * Compact: only 94 cm
  * ROM from –5° to 115° of flexion


Performa CPM machine Performa CPM machine

  * Adjustable in length from small children to large adults
  * Anatomical movements: 3° hyper extension to 130° flexion
  * Allows active movement
  * Digital adjustments are possible


Centura CPM machine Centura CPM machine

  * Ergonomic and autonomous remote control with visual feedback
  * Allows the major functional movements of the shoulder
      o A: Abduction/adduction with fixed rotation: from 20° to 160°
      o B: Abduction/adduction with synchronised rotation. Combined range 20° - 160° of abduction with 30° of internal rotation to 90° of external rotation
      o C: Rotation with fixed abduction: from 60° internal to 90° external
      o D: Flexion/extension: 20° - 180°


Maestra CPM machine Maestra CPM machine

  * A useful tool for protocols
  * Rehabilitation / post-operatively
  * Each hand and wrist movement possible
  * Analytic / ambulatory


Elbow 6080 Elbow 6080

  * Easy to use in bed or in chair
  * Anatomically correct passive motion
      o Extension/Flexion 0° - 135°
      o Extension/Flexion 0° - 135° with synchronized pronation-supination


Club foot CPM machine Club foot CPM machine

  * Treatment of the idiopathic club foot
  * Three dimensional movements possible
  * Digital controls allow easy programming


Breva Ankle Breva Ankle

  * Provides anatomically correct motion to the ankle and rear foot
  * It can be used in bed or while sitting in a chair
  * Two dimensional movements possible
  * Advanced hand control to maximize programs and protocols
  * Ordering information: Kinetec Breva 46210065