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UomoFix UomoFix

Shoulder immobiliser with push buttons
Comfortable soft neck pad for added neck protection. Thumb loop for additional comfort.
Extra deep pocket improves arm positioning.
Waist strap limits shoulder movement.

Vista Multipost Collar Vista Multipost Collar

6 sizes in 1 collar

Pediatric Arm Sling Pediatric Arm Sling

Pediatric arm sling with colorful print. Poly/Cotton pouch. Envelope type. Adjustable. Wide shoulder strap closes with hook and loop closure.

Envelope arm sling Envelope arm sling

* Supports forearm and wrist
* For easy application and adjustment with an extra deep pocket to improve arm positioning
* The strap carries the weight of the arm across the back and shoulder for greater comfort


* Protects the glenohumeral joint from dislocations/subluxaton during sport activities
* Fits easily under protective gear
* Provides glenohumeral stability without immobilisation
* The ROM control can be customized with strap adjustments

Cervical Collar Medium Density Cervical Collar Medium Density

* This Collar is an economical alternative to the Firm Density.
* It is made from medium density foam with stockinette cover.

Cervical Collar Firm Density Cervical Collar Firm Density

* Shaped,lightweight collar
* Very comfortable
* Suitable for minor neck injuries

Vista CTO4 post Vista CTO4 post

* Maximum motion restriction.
* Pivoting occipital panels
* Fully adjustable
* Fully padded at all patient contact points

FitLine Cervical Collar Pediatric FitLine Cervical Collar Pediatric

The five Aspen® Pediatric Collars offer a custom fit for all ages.

FitLine Cervical Collar Adult FitLine Cervical Collar Adult

* Designed to optimize support and comfort.
* The structure of the collar was engineered to provide substantial motion restriction without producing painful pressure points that can lead to skin breakdown.
* All contact surfaces of the collar are cushioned with cotton-lined, breathable foam padding.

Figure-of-8 sling Figure-of-8 sling

  * Provides support to the shoulder, elbow and forearm
  * Soft strapping system helps distribute pressure and ensures patient compliance
  * Hook and loop construction for wide adjustability

CVA-sling CVA-sling

  * Provides soft cushioning for maximum comfort of the shoulder, hand and arm
  * Washable
  * Fits right or left

FitLine Philadelphia cervical collar FitLine Philadelphia cervical collar

# Provides rigid immobilization
# Quick access for tracheotomy
# Reduces rotation and prevents flexion and extension
# Hook and loop closure for easy application
# Available in different heights
# Height measures from chin to top of the sternum

FitLine Adjustable Collar FitLine Adjustable Collar

  * Six sizes in one collar: eliminate sizing.
  * Dial height adjustment.
  * Automatic lock
  * Effective motion restriction
  * Saved time and reduced waste

Comfor shoulder abduction pillow Comfor shoulder abduction pillow

  * Padded and adjustable wrist and humeral cuffs
  * Fits left or right
  * Provides 45° or 70° abduction
  * Sculpted foam for better fitting

Deluxe sling and swathe Deluxe sling and swathe

  * Soft padded shoulder straps
  * Fits left or right
  * Easy application
  * For comfortable immobilization of the shoulder

Deluxe shoulder immobilizer Deluxe shoulder immobilizer

  * Waist strap prevents shoulder movement
  * Extra soft neck pad
  * Thumb loop for optimal comfort
  * Non-stretchable straps to ensure a continuous correct position
  * Extra-deep pocket

Abduction sling Abduction sling

  * Provides ± 15° of abduction
  * Fits left and right
  * Can be used as a normal sling afterwards
  * Extra foam padding to optimize comfort
  * Thumb loop provides natural positioning of the hand

FitLine ROM elbow brace FitLine ROM elbow brace

  * Soft padded shoulder straps.
  * Easy application.
  * For comfortable immobilization/ROM of the elbow.

Vista TX collar Vista TX collar

  * FitLine Adjustable collar (FitLine range), with a thoracic extension.
  * Six sizes in one collar: eliminate sizing.
  * Dial height adjustment.
  * Automatic lock
  * Effective motion restriction
  * Saved time and reduced waste

CTO Universal CTO Universal

  * One size adjustable
  * Locking sternal adjustment
  * Flexible thoracic adjustment
  * Effective skin care