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Smart Handle Smart Handle

The Rolyan Smart Handle takes the guesswork out of elastic band exercises by providing real-time feedback of force exerted and reps completed. It provides measurement, motivation, goals, and removes the limitations to therapy with band. Click the link below to view a demonstration video:

Envelope arm sling Envelope arm sling

* Supports forearm and wrist
* For easy application and adjustment with an extra deep pocket to improve arm positioning
* The strap carries the weight of the arm across the back and shoulder for greater comfort

Polyform Polyform

  * The most conformable of all Rolyan’s splinting materials
  * Natural drape – an intimate fit for increased patient comfort with minimal handling
  * Good contour leads to reduced pressure areas and splint migration
  * Excellent rigidity and strength for a safe and secure position in the splint
  * Cuts easily when cold – so no need for precise patterns


Sof stretch finger extension splints Sof stretch finger extension splints

  * Sof-stretch finger extension splint provides dynamic force to assist the PIP joint into extension with minimal extension of the MCP joint.
  * The short version of this splint provides dynamic force tot assist the PIP joint into extension while allowing full motion of the MCP joint
  * The coil extension splint or Capener has coil springs placed laterally to the PIP joint that move with the joint.
  * The long coil extension splint has coil springs that assist PIP and DIP joints into extension by maintaining them in full extension.

Aquaform knee immobiliser Aquaform knee immobiliser

  * Hook and loop closure.
  * Amount of knee flexion can be adapted.
  * Immobilises the knee and helps to reduce pain.
  * Pre-cut 3.2mm non-perforated aquaplast-T.

San-splint San-splint

  * Rubber based isoprene material with a high degree of control and rigidity
  * Versatile – can be softened in a hot air oven or a heat pan
  * Easy permanent bonding – for secure strapping, padding and attachments

Universal rib support - male Universal rib support - male

Pressure-sensitive closures limit the expansion of the chest to promote healing.

D-ring wrist braces with thumb D-ring wrist braces with thumb

  * Circumferential design with D-ring closures
  * Two metal stays support the wrist and thumb
  * D-Ring wrist & thumb spica splint is also a part of the FitLine range.
  * Workhard D-ring is ideal for the workplace


Aquaform ankle splint Aquaform ankle splint

  * Custom moulded ankle splint can be used to stabilise the ankle following surgery, fractures and soft tissue injuries.
  * Pre-cut lightweight splint, made of 3.2mm 1% perforated Aquaplast-T
  * Can be remoulded to follow change in foot drop.

Synergy Synergy

  * Offers moderate resistance to stretch and drape providing a high degree of control during splint fabrication
  * Can be worked aggressively
  * Excellent rigidity

Elbow & heel protectors Elbow & heel protectors

  * Comfortable, stretchable stocking is knitted proportionately
  * Sold in pairs

Ergonomic hand exerciser Ergonomic hand exerciser

  * Provides progressive resistive hand strengthening
  * Conforms to the hand for comfort and even dispersion of resistance across the palm.
  * Lightweight frame uses clips to block flexion and extension and permits a custom fit for different hand sizes
  * Includes 3 pairs of rubber bands and 2 clips
  * The graded and colour-codes rubber bands can be changed to adjust resistance. Replacement rubber bands are available

Tailorsplint Tailorsplint

  * Perfect balance between moderate resistance to stretch and drape
  * Versatile
  * Suitable for the novice and experienced splinter
  * Easy trim edges
  * Powdered smooth finish

Figure-of-8 sling Figure-of-8 sling

  * Provides support to the shoulder, elbow and forearm
  * Soft strapping system helps distribute pressure and ensures patient compliance
  * Hook and loop construction for wide adjustability

Finger/toe goniometer Finger/toe goniometer

  * Helps the therapist perform accurate and precise finger range of motion measurements.
  * Scale is in two degree increments for improved reliability.
  * The long arm is 9.5cm long, and it clears the wrist for accurate placement. If a shorter arm is desired, the goniometer can be trimmed to meet measuring preferences.
  * Composite motion and degrees of hyperextension are measured easily
  * Provides readings ranging from 30° of hyperextension to 120° of flexion

Resistance to stretch Resistance to stretch

Er is een groot gamma van spalkmaterialen met verschillende stretchweerstanden. Welk materiaal met welk stretchvermogen is het best geschikt voor welke toepassing?

Finger gutter splint Finger gutter splint

  * Contoured finger splint provides a comfortable fit with firm, stable immobilisation
  * Made of EzeformTM Light splinting material
  * Can be adjusted easily to accommodate swollen digits
  * Self-adhesive straps sold separately
  * A convenient kit of 30 finger gutter splints - six of each size - is available.

Goniometer metric 15cm Goniometer metric 15cm

  * Metric goniometer.
  * Arms measure in centimetres; dial measures in increments of 2°.
  * Clear plastic permits accurate placement.
  * Not autoclavable.

Aquaform zippered wrist splints Aquaform zippered wrist splints

  * Circumferential design with zipper for correct alignment and easy removal.
  * Can be heated in a convection oven or in hot water
  * No strapping required
  * Available in two lengthes (long/short)

Therapeutic Putty Therapeutic Putty

  * Distinct colours reflect established standards in resisitive exercise
  * Progresses in resistance
  * Designed to meet a wide range of strengthening needs: can be squeezed, stretched twisted or pinched

Thermoplastics at a glance Thermoplastics at a glance

Choosing the appropriate thickness and perforation.

Hand positioning splints Hand positioning splints

  * Separate and protect the palm of the hand
  * Handcone positions the hand

Aquaform zippered wrist & thumb splint Aquaform zippered wrist & thumb splint

  * Circumferential design with zipper for correct alignment and easy removal.
  * Can be heated in a convection oven or in hot water
  * No strapping required
  * Available in two lengthes (long/short)

Aquaplast Aquaplast

  * 6 different types available
  * Available in a wide range of mould ability, thicknesses and perforations
  * Wide range of colours
  * 100% memory
  * Transparent when heated
  * Available with or without coating for temporary or permanent bonding

Cohesive Flexible Bandage Cohesive Flexible Bandage

  * Provides compression and support
  * Can be used to secure dressings or orthotics
  * Adheres to itself, not to skin and remains secure without clips
  * Maintains consistent compression with non-slip support

Ezeform Ezeform

  * Maximum resistance to stretch with superior draping, offering an intimate fit with excellent rigidity and no reinforcement needed
  * Slightly tacky when heated – giving the therapist an extra pair of hands
  * Bonds permanently when edges are pinched together – ideal for securing strapping, padding and outriggers

Palm protectors Palm protectors

  * Holds fingers out to prevent digging into the palm of the hand.
  * Available with vinyl pocket, with finger separators or with medical grade lambskin material

Buddy straps Buddy straps

  * Holds 2 fingers securely together with little bulk.
  * Fingers are strapped together by hook and loop material, yet separated by a piece of soft strapping material.
  * Can be trimmed easily to accommodate any size.

Aquaform humerus fracture brace Aquaform humerus fracture brace

  * Can be used for immobilising midshaft humeral fractures.
  * Zipper provides easy application without bulk in the acilla.
  * Pre-cut fabricated from Aquaplast-T 4% perforated 2.4mm.

Polyflex II Polyflex II

  * Optimum combination between resistance to stretch and conformability
  * Tolerates firm handling for a well-contoured splint
  * Shapes easily
  * Material flexes when cold

CVA-sling CVA-sling

  * Provides soft cushioning for maximum comfort of the shoulder, hand and arm
  * Washable
  * Fits right or left

Aquaform corset Aquaform corset

  * Hook and loop closure.
  * Pre-cut from aquaplast-T with optional polycushion padding.
  * Long corset available with two lateral zippers.

Abduction sling Abduction sling

  * Provides ± 15° of abduction
  * Fits left and right
  * Can be used as a normal sling afterwards
  * Extra foam padding to optimize comfort
  * Thumb loop provides natural positioning of the hand

D-ring wrist brace D-ring wrist brace

# Restricts flexion & extension of the wrist
# Allows motion of fingers and thumb
# Internal stockinettete for easier application
# Provided with a removable and adjustable aluminium bar
# Machine washable and air dry