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Schouder en elleboog

UomoFix UomoFix

Shoulder immobiliser with push buttons
Comfortable soft neck pad for added neck protection. Thumb loop for additional comfort.
Extra deep pocket improves arm positioning.
Waist strap limits shoulder movement.

Pediatric Arm Sling Pediatric Arm Sling

Pediatric arm sling with colorful print. Poly/Cotton pouch. Envelope type. Adjustable. Wide shoulder strap closes with hook and loop closure.

Smart Handle Smart Handle

The Rolyan Smart Handle takes the guesswork out of elastic band exercises by providing real-time feedback of force exerted and reps completed. It provides measurement, motivation, goals, and removes the limitations to therapy with band. Click the link below to view a demonstration video:

Kinevia Kinevia

De Kinevia is ontworpen met het oog op gebruiksvriendelijkheid; er is geen gereedschap nodig om het toestel in te stellen. De snelle en ergonomische aanpassing van de breedte en radius, het ingenieuze draaimechanisme en de automatische prepositionering van de pedalen zorgen samen voor een uitstekend comfort tijdens de training. De standaardgarantie van 5 jaar verzekert de kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid van de Kinevia.

Envelope arm sling Envelope arm sling

* Supports forearm and wrist
* For easy application and adjustment with an extra deep pocket to improve arm positioning
* The strap carries the weight of the arm across the back and shoulder for greater comfort


* Protects the glenohumeral joint from dislocations/subluxaton during sport activities
* Fits easily under protective gear
* Provides glenohumeral stability without immobilisation
* The ROM control can be customized with strap adjustments

UomoFit ER UomoFit ER

* Available in 15° and 30°
* Adjustable sizes
* Moulded foam padding at the height of the elbow
* Preformed underarm for better fitting

Figure-of-8 sling Figure-of-8 sling

  * Provides support to the shoulder, elbow and forearm
  * Soft strapping system helps distribute pressure and ensures patient compliance
  * Hook and loop construction for wide adjustability

Aquaform humerus fracture brace Aquaform humerus fracture brace

  * Can be used for immobilising midshaft humeral fractures.
  * Zipper provides easy application without bulk in the acilla.
  * Pre-cut fabricated from Aquaplast-T 4% perforated 2.4mm.

CVA-sling CVA-sling

  * Provides soft cushioning for maximum comfort of the shoulder, hand and arm
  * Washable
  * Fits right or left

Centura CPM machine Centura CPM machine

  * Ergonomic and autonomous remote control with visual feedback
  * Allows the major functional movements of the shoulder
      o A: Abduction/adduction with fixed rotation: from 20° to 160°
      o B: Abduction/adduction with synchronised rotation. Combined range 20° - 160° of abduction with 30° of internal rotation to 90° of external rotation
      o C: Rotation with fixed abduction: from 60° internal to 90° external
      o D: Flexion/extension: 20° - 180°


Elbow 6080 Elbow 6080

  * Easy to use in bed or in chair
  * Anatomically correct passive motion
      o Extension/Flexion 0° - 135°
      o Extension/Flexion 0° - 135° with synchronized pronation-supination


UomoFit UomoFit

  * Preformed underarm for better fitting
  * Moulded foam padding at the heigt of the elbow for more comfort
  * Fits left and right
  * Adjustable sizes
  * Adjustable thumb loop

Comfor shoulder abduction pillow Comfor shoulder abduction pillow

  * Padded and adjustable wrist and humeral cuffs
  * Fits left or right
  * Provides 45° or 70° abduction
  * Sculpted foam for better fitting

Deluxe sling and swathe Deluxe sling and swathe

  * Soft padded shoulder straps
  * Fits left or right
  * Easy application
  * For comfortable immobilization of the shoulder

Deluxe shoulder immobilizer Deluxe shoulder immobilizer

  * Waist strap prevents shoulder movement
  * Extra soft neck pad
  * Thumb loop for optimal comfort
  * Non-stretchable straps to ensure a continuous correct position
  * Extra-deep pocket

Abduction sling Abduction sling

  * Provides ± 15° of abduction
  * Fits left and right
  * Can be used as a normal sling afterwards
  * Extra foam padding to optimize comfort
  * Thumb loop provides natural positioning of the hand

Clavicle posture support Clavicle posture support

  * Front closure for easy adjustment
  * Thick foam liners for optimal comfort and compliance
  * One size fits most adults

Heavy padded clavicle splint Heavy padded clavicle splint

  * Combines felt and foam padded straps for better comfort and compliance
  * Available in 5 different sizes (XS-XL)

FitLine ROM elbow brace FitLine ROM elbow brace

  * Soft padded shoulder straps.
  * Easy application.
  * For comfortable immobilization/ROM of the elbow.