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ReHand | Hand, wrist and fingers rehabilitation via Tablet


"ReHand is not just an app, it is a method to prescribe, treat and monitor your patients."

Evidence-based treatment. Whenever and wherever you want

In SproFit we are pleased to announce that we now have the digital tool ReHand, the telerehabilitation system for prescribing, monitoring and treating patients with hand, wrist and fingers injuries!

ReHand rehabilitation app screenshots

ReHand is the first evidence-based digital tablet solution for the rehabilitation of traumatic and orthopedic pathology of the wrist-hand-finger segment.

ReHand offers a personalized rehabilitation service adapted to a patient's physiological characteristics, pathology and time of recovery. Also, ReHand offers to healthcare professionals a prescription and monitoring system with telematic sending of validated questionnaires 

Exercise programmes are one of the core elements included in most muscle-skeletal disorders. This situation is similar in upper limb pathology, where exercise is the first-line treatment for most of soft tissue injuries, bone fractures or neurological disorders of the wrist-hand-finger segment.

Their prescription is usually performed on paper or video, a widespread and well-intentioned practice, although it has limitations. Using this format does not allow adherence to treatment to be monitored, does not provide information on how the exercises are performed and makes it impossible to tailor them to the patient. This situation results in the patient's abandonment of treatment, which will limit and slow down recovery.

ReHand, thanks to the fact that all exercises are performed on a tablet touchscreen , covers these needs in a reliable way, providing data on the overall adherence % and for each exercise, while collecting data on the quality of its execution.

The ReHand App allows the patients to obtain an evidence-based rehabilitation programme for  injuries or pathologies of the hands-wrist- finger segment r, through tailored  exercise programmes.

According to clinical trials (+600 patients in total), incorporating ReHand into the treatment of patients improves the recovery of crucial variables such as function or strength, and shortens patients' recovery times.

As part of our commitment to offer the best portfolio for clinics and hospitals, we have included this rehabilitation tool, specially developed for centers offering treatments for:

  • Traumatology patients: those with wrist and finger conditions such as: fractures of the distal end of radius, scaphoid fracture, fractures of the 5th metacarpal, etc.
  • Patients who need postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Patients with injuries or discomfort caused by work or sport.

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